Pocket Sudoku

Pocket Sudoku 1.0

Generate Sudokus in five levels of difficulty

Pocket Sudoku is a sudoku application for Pocket PC (Windows Mobile), written in C#. It's currently capable of generating sudokus using five different difficuties, and solving sudokus. It's designed for Pocket PC but can run on any device (handheld or desktop computer) with .NET 2.0

The application's current capabilities:

  • Background generation of puzzles (i.e. You don't have to wait for puzzles since the next one is generated when you're solving the current one)
  • Solve puzzles
  • Pencil marks (automatic and manual)
  • Painless interface
  • Undo, redo
  • Save and load sudoku (.sud) and text (.txt) files
  • High Scores

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Pocket Sudoku


Pocket Sudoku 1.0

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